Our GEX Story


Growing up among the poor, Dr Patrick Liew wanted to be a social worker to help the poor, needy and disadvantaged.

At 17, Dr Liew was trained as an intern at a charity organization that rented a small office at the old YMCA Building along Nathan Road in Hong Kong. 

Every morning, he would climb up a hill at the back of the building to pray, plan, and prepare himself to be a social worker.

After graduation, he decided to go out to the “real world” to work, experience some pain and sorrow, and earn his scars and stripes to be a social worker.

At one point of of his career, he became the CEO of a multinational company for the Asia Pacific region.

In 1994, Dr Liew “sacked” his last boss to become an entrepreneur and investor.

Long story short, he helped to list three companies in NYSE, ASX, and SGX.

In the process, he started 6 different charities.

Through the charities, he was able to literally helped thousands of the last, least, lonely and lost.

After selling most his shares in his third listed company, Dr Liew was invited to speak in a CEO conference in Hong Kong.

After checking into the hotel, he drew the curtain and saw a hill outside the window.

That hill gave him goose bumps all over his body.

He called the receptionist. She told me casually, “This hotel used to be known as the old YMCA Building.”

The hill outside the window was the place where he had meditated on how to be a good social worker.

That evening, he went on his knees and he cried.

He realized that as an entrepreneur and investor, he has always been like a social worker.

He could raise and galvanize more talents, funds, and other resources to impact more lives.

Dr Liew round up an amazing team of business leaders to start GEX Ventures.

GEX Ventures is in the business of helping entrepreneurs and investors strengthen their return on investment and competitive edge, and achieve sustainable growth.

Together with them, they can contribute in fulfilling our vision, “Building A #WorldOfGood”.