Creating Wealth

Impacting Lives

About Us

GEX Technology is actively involved in acquiring, developing, adopting and leveraging cutting-edge technology to fulfil our vision, #BuildingAWorldofGood.

Through the power of technology, we aim to touch lives, bless families, improve communities, strengthen the economy, and make the world a better home for all of us. 

Together with our partners, we study various technology, including cloud computing, blockchain technology, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, advanced wireless technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics, social media, e-commerce, and cybersecurity systems to help our clients improve their entrepreneurial and investment outcomes, results and impacts.

Our GEX Story

Growing up among the poor, Dr Patrick Liew wanted to be a social worker to help the poor, needy and disadvantaged.


At 17, Dr Liew was trained as an intern at a charity organization that rented a small office at the old YMCA Building along Nathan Road in Hong Kong. 

Every morning, he would climb up a hill at the back of the building to pray, plan, and prepare himself to be a social worker.



Our GEXology

Our Corporate Philosophy


Our Mission

Creating Wealth. Impacting Lives.


Our Vision

Building A #WorldOfGood


Our Values



Our Guiding Principles

Is it legal?
Is it ethical?
Is it good for our branding?
Is it the right thing to do?

Our Pledge

Our Pledge to Our Customers


Our team believes that the best business model is an ever-improving model.

The only true competitive advantage in the exciting new world of abnormal is constant innovation for greater good.


Our Pledge to our GEXzens

We will capture the hearts and minds of our employees by meeting both their current and future needs.

We will help them find happiness, purpose, and fulfilment through their work and career.

We will mentor them to bring out their best by accelerating their professional and personal development.

We will create and develop exceptional experiences and memories to gain their trust, affection, commitment, respect and loyalty.


Our Pledge to Achieve a Sustainable Employment

Our employees are critical to our success. We will compensate them according to performance, providing important benefits for their well-being and training and educational support to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date. We offer a work environment that treats every employee with respect and dignity. Mature employees are valued assets. We will redesign roles to fit their strengths and abilities and make our best endeavor to help them contribute their best to the business. Fair and ethical contracts are essential for businesses to grow together. We will be good partners for our suppliers, large and small, and the individuals that we engage. We can learn from each other. We will share our best practices in sustainable employment to help Singapore move towards a more caring and inclusive society. We pledge to make at least one improvement to our practices in sustainable employment every 12 months.